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  • Includes Solutions When:
  • Tax paid more than the Liabililty

  • TDS deducted more than the Liability

  • Tax benefit investments not declared

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About Tax Refund

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We adopt a contrarian approach towards Tax Refunds and always counsel our clients that a a Tax Refund is an indication that he needs to be more attentive towards Tax Planning . Paying excess taxes and claiming Refund is akin to advancing an interest free loan to the Govt.
Client Centric Sensible and practical approach towards Tax Refunds.

WE understand the importance of obtaining Tax refunds for our clients within the framework of Tax laws. We follow a step by step approach to calculate the Taxpayers final tax liability in accordance with the tax slabs applicable to them. Our experts comb through your total tax liabilities to trace out any excess of taxes paid over liabilities , that would be eligible for a tax refund .

We Ensure that Tax Exemptions and/or deductions are mentioned correctly thus preventing a wrong estimation of Income while computing Advance Tax liability and claim of exemptions . Our Tax Refund rejection rates are one of the lowest . We track the status of our client's returns online on authorized Govt sites. We follow up a client's refund status through e-AykarSampark .If required we also follow up with the Assessing Officer of the jurisdiction where return was filed to obtain the correct status.

Proceed for Tax Refund

Claim Your Tax Refund With Few Simple Steps


Register with Wealth4India by providing your personal details and Upload Form16 and relevant tax related documents to our website.


Uploaded documents shall be checked by Wealth4India team and our team member shall made a detailed dialogue with the client on his emerging tax scenario.


After a detailed dialouge with the client Wealth4India shall prepare Income Tax return with Comprehensive review of the ITR by our Tax experts


Finally ITR submission with The IT department and refund shall be claimed.

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Tax Refund FAQ's

Simplified and contrarian approach towards Tax Refund

The money which has been refunded by the Government to the Taxpayer for the overpayment of taxes paid by him is termed as Income Tax refund. This amount of tax refund is paid to the taxpayer after completion of relevant Financial Year.

When the Government acknowledged that the amount paid by taxpayer exceeds the tax liability is eligible for the Tax Refund. Following is the method to compute Tax Refund for any financial year

  • Compute the Taxable Income and Liability as per the Income Tax Act 1961 for related financial year.
  • Consolidate your prepaid Tax Payments like TDS , Advance Tax & Self Assessment Tax for the related financial year.
  • Now deduct Tax Liability from consolidated Prepaid Taxes paid by you, an excess of Tax payment will be entitled for Tax refund
  • File Your Income Tax Return in prescribed ITR form for the relevant Financial Year to claim the Tax refund.
  • For Proper Filing of the Claim , it is absolutely vital that you make an accurate mention of your Bank account details, Communication Address details ,Contact numbers and email Id's. Fill correct and accurate details for the Tax refund. Please mention proper information in your ITR form with prescribed format. The information given by you is absolutely vital for your Tax refund.

As per The Citizen's Charter issued by the IT Department ,Govt Of India in July 2010 , an IT refund has to be issued within a period of six months from the end of the month in which the return was filed in case of E - Filing and nine months , in modes of filing other than E filing. Citizen's charter of Income Tax Department , issued in July 2010, clearly mentions that an IT refund has to be issued within a period of six months from the end of the month in which the return was filed in case of E - Filing and nine months , in modes of filing other than E filing.

Income tax department may transfer your refund amount via ECS (Direct credit in bank account) or may deliver the cheque to the address disclosed in your ITR form. and it totally depends upon the option selected by the person in the ITR Form submitted by him.

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